Gino Marcello F.

“Mind My Manners! Mind My Elders! Mind My Business!”

Immigrant. Math nerd. Hustler. Gang member. Chess Geek. Prisoner. Parolee. Probationer. Plaintiff. Defendant. Lover. Son. Son-in-law. New Yorker. Angelino. Restaurateur. Fugitive. DJ. Felon. Father. GodFather. Entrepreneur. Sneakerhead. Business Owner. Vegan. Visionary. Fashion Designer. Ghost writer. Dog Dad. Free. Enslaved. Asleep. Awake. Hated. Loved. Lost. Present…

I’ve been all of these things at one point or another in my life. I’ve been through things and seen things that the average man or woman can’t even begin to imagine. This is not me bragging, nor glorifying my hellacious past, it’s simply me letting you know “hey, I’ve seen some shit” Kind of like Farmers, but on a whole different level. Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom.

These life experiences have turned out to be my biggest asset. I see the field differently, therefore I call different plays.

And it’s very easy to call the plays when you know all of the players, their habits, and how they move. I’ve been in this game for a very long time. Almost 30 years. A lot of the people that I dealt with on a street level years ago are now very prominent players in the corporate space here not just in Los Angeles but worldwide. These relationships allow me to “backdoor” deals. People pick up my calls. Let’s leave it at that

And that’s what you’re here for right?!